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Toyota Prius P0A7F, P2011 and P0A80

Toyota Prius P0A7F, P2011 and P0A80

The second generation Toyota Prius batteries are around 12 years old and are starting to fail. The second generation spans the years 2004- 2009. These batteries were made using 168 individual 1.2-volt nickel-metal hydride cells that produce 201.6 volts total.

toyota prius battery

The cells are arranged into 28 modules wired in series to form 14 blocks. The battery module contains a heat management system to keep the battery at optimum temperature in both cold and hot conditions. A battery ECU monitors the state of charge, internal resistance and current flow to gauge the battery’s condition.

Most codes that indicate the battery needs replacement will turn on the check engine light, and a message will appear in the information center.

Toyota P0A7F Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration

This code sets if the battery fails the internal resistance and voltage state of charge. This code means the battery has reached the end of its life. However, several battery rebuilders have entered the business and can rebuild these batteries.

Toyota P0A80

This code sets when the voltage between blocks exceeds specifications.

Toyota P3011-P3024

DTC P3011 – Battery Block 1 Becomes Weak
DTC P3012 – Battery Block 2 Becomes Weak
DTC P3013 – Battery Block 3 Becomes Weak
DTC P3014 – Battery Block 4 Becomes Weak
DTC P3015 – Battery Block 5 Becomes Weak
DTC P3016 – Battery Block 6 Becomes Weak
DTC P3017 – Battery Block 7 Becomes Weak
DTC P3018 – Battery Block 8 Becomes Weak
DTC P3019 – Battery Block 9 Becomes Weak
DTC P3020 – Battery Block 10 Becomes Weak
DTC P3021 – Battery Block 11 Becomes Weak
DTC P3022 – Battery Block 12 Becomes Weak
DTC P3023 – Battery Block 13 Becomes Weak
DTC P3024 – Battery Block 14 Becomes Weak

How a Toyota hybrid battery is rebuilt

The rebuilder tests each of the 14 blocks and 28 modules to determine which have failed. They then replace the bad modules or block and replace the deteriorating bus bars that link the blocks in series. They charge each of the modules so they’re all within 0.3 volts of one another.

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