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TPMS light on in cold weather

TPMS light on in cold weather —the relationship to outside temperature

The tire pressure light is designed to notify the driver when tire pressure is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Outside temperature affects tire pressure

Every 10° change in tire temperature results in a 1 psi difference in air pressure. So if your tire was already low on air and outside temperature dipped during the night, you could start the morning with a glowing TPMS light. So it’s common in Fall and Spring, when temperatures vary widely to have a TPMS warning light on when you start your car first thing in the morning.

Reset tire pressure every Spring and Fall

As temperatures rise in Spring, chances are your tires will be overinflated because they’re warmer than they were during the winter. Before driving, release air to reduce air pressure to the recommended level listed on the label in the driver’s door area.

In Fall and winter, you’ll have to add air to the tires.

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