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Turn off ABS light

How to turn off ABS light

When the ABS light in on, there’s a problem with the ABS system

The ABS system consists of an electronic module, a valve unit, a pump, wiring harness and wheel speed sensors and tone rings.

ABS components

ABS components

The ABS wheel speed sensors monitor the rotation speed of each wheel. When it detects that one or more wheels is about to lock up. the valve unit releases brake pressure to that wheel and then rapidly applies and releases pressure to that wheel to prevent further lock-ups.

Why the ABS light comes on

The ABS control module performs a system check on start up and  constantly check for valid wheel speed information as you drive. If it detects any data that’s out of spec, it will turn on the ABS warning light and disable the ABS portion of the brake system. Your brakes will still work, but you will lose the anti-lock braking function

How to turn off the ABS light

There are only two ways to turn off the ABS light:

Fix the underlying problem that’s causing the fault. If the cost of fixing the root problem is too high or you can’t get the parts, then the only other way to turn off the ABS light is to remove the fuse that powers the ABS control module.

HOWEVER, in vehicles equipped with stability control, removing the fuse may cause other fault codes and warning lights to appear.

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