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Turn signals don’t flash

Fix turn signals that don’t flash

GM vehicles may exhibit a problem with the turn signals not flashing. The power to the turns signals flows from the TURN LPS fuse (10A) located in the left instrument panel junction through the timer/flasher located inside the hazard switch, and then to the turn signal/wiper switch located on the steering column. As in any electrical system problem, you should always start by checking the fuse. Pull the fuse and check its condition. Then check the voltage on the fuse box terminals with the fuse out. One terminal should read battery voltage and the other terminal should show no voltage. If the powered terminal shows less than battery voltage, that’s an indication the ignition switch is faulty.

The ignition switches in mid-to-late ‘90’s and early 2000 GM vehicles are a known problem. They have a fairly high failure rate and can act out by putting out less than full battery voltage or cutting off power intermittently, causing stalling or no start.

If the fuse terminal shows full battery power, the hazard switch is the next culprit in the chain. This is also a high failure rate item. Since the flasher/timer is located inside the hazard switch, it can fail, causing the turn signals to light but not flash. Hazard switches are fairly inexpensive (click here to read more about them) but difficult to diagnose. Most times it’s easier just to replace the hazard switch to eliminate it as a cause. If the problem persists, you’ll need a wiring diagram. Subscribe to alldatadiy.com or eautorepair.net and download one.


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