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Uneven brake wear, vibration, and noise Ford Focus

Fix Uneven brake wear, vibration, and noise Ford Focus

Some Ford Focus owners are reporting uneven brake brake pads, brake noise, brakes vibrate, brakes pulsate, Ford Focus brakeswear after performing a brake job or having it done at a shop. The problem can be caused by improper installation of the brake pads. While the pads look alike, there is a definite inboard and outboard pad. They cannot be swapped. The pads have a wear sensor and special “nibs” that hold the shim in place.

The pad with the wear sensor must be placed on Brake hardware, abutment clips, brake padsthe inboard side of the caliper (next to the piston). If it is placed in the outboard position, the nibs will press against the caliper housing and “cock” the pad slightly. The caliper’s clamping force will be applied to the nibs rather than the entire backing plate. This will cause uneven wear, vibration, and other noise.

If you’re doing your own brake job, always make sure you install new abutment clips and lubricate the caliper pins synthetic brake grease, brake pad grease, Permatex ceramic greaseand hardware with a high temperature synthetic brake grease


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