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Use a tire plug a tire after it’s run flat?

Can you plug a tire after it’s run flat?

You can’t plug a tire with a tire plug after it’s run flat without dismounting the tire and checking for internal damage. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the sidewall and bead area that’s not always visible from the outside.

These are obvious signs of sidewall damage from driving on a flat tire

damaged tire sidewall

But what about INTERNAL damage?

Here’s an example of a brand new flat tire that was punctured with a perfectly repairable hole.

tire plug flat tire

The exterior sidewall showed NO signs of damage. If you think you can simply plug this tire, think again!

But it was driven for a short distance.

Not let’s look at the INSIDE

tire damage from running flat

Examine the sawtooth wear pattern near the tire bead. That’s caused by the wheel rubbing against the folded portion of the bead.

Then look at the powdered rubber that was scrubbed off of that sawtooth area. This tire is SEVERELY compromised. If you simply plugged this tire, you’d be driving on a death trap.

For the full video go to South Main Auto Repair’s Youtube site  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxnkGiAOOhM&feature=youtu.be



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