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Use RTV Gasket Maker

How to use RTV gasket maker

RTV gasket maker products have changed and so have the installation instructions. For normal cure RTV products follow these installation instructions:

Prepare the surface before applying RTV gasket maker

New silicone gasket maker will not adhere to old silicone sealers. You must gasket removerremove all traces of old silicone. Use a chemical gasket remover if you can’t remove the old gasket/sealer using a non-marring scraper.

Clean the surface with brake cleaner and allow to dry before applying any gasket maker.

Apply a thin bead of RTV gasket maker

Use the RTV sparingly! More is NOT better. Using too much gasket maker will actually cause leaks. In addition, extra RTV material can break off and clock oil coolant passages.

Optimum bead size is 1/8″ – 1/4″ diameter

Assemble but don’t final torque

Unless you’re using a 90- minute cure or a 1-minute cure gasket maker, you must allow proper curing time before final torque.

Here’s the procedure: Apply the bead of RTV. Assemble and install fasteners hand tight. Allow to sit for one hour. Then final torque.

Refer to the gasket maker instructions before filling with fluids

Some gasket makers require a full 24-hours before coming into contact with oil and fluids. Filling before that time can result in leaks.

Avoid these common RTV gasketing mistakes

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