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VW AC doesn’t cool, compressor noisy

VW AC doesn’t cool, compressor noisy

VW has issued a technical service bulletin #87-18-05 to address a VW AC doesn’t cool or compressor is noisy condition on the vehicles N280 AC compressor regulator valve 1K0260839listed below. VW has identified a faulty AC compressor regulator valve solenoid as the cause. The valve’s internal components can become blocked resulting in no AC and noisy operation. The noise is caused from loss of refrigerant. The fix involves replacing the valve with a new unit. That will require the evacuation of the AC system with oil recovery, valve replacement, oil replenishment followed by evacuation and recharge.

Vehicles affected by VW technical service bulletin  #87-18-05

2011-13 Engine codes: CBPA, CBTA, CBUA, CJAA
2014 Engine codes: CBPA<CJAA
2015 Engine codes: CVCA, CBPA, CPRA, CPKA, CPLA, CPPA
2016-18 Engine codes: all

2012-17 Engine codes: CBUA, CBTA, CDVB, CKRA, CVCA
2014-17 Engine codes: CPKA, CPRA

Golf/Jetta Sport Wagon
2011-14 Engine codes: CJAA, CBTA,CBUA

2012-14 Engine codes: CJAA, CBTA, CBUA
2015 Engine codes: CVCA, CPRA, CPKA, CPLA, CPPA
2016-17 Engine codes: all

ALSO: The bulletin applies ONLY to vehicles built with the SANDEN 1K0820808 and 5C0820803 B.G compressors.

Start with a full AC diagnosis

It’s critical to diagnose the system properly because a loss of refrigerant can also cause these same symptoms. If you discover the valve is bad, perform these steps:

evacuate the refrigerant and recover the oil

remove the circlip retaining the valve

Pry out the valve

Check for corrosion in the bore. Remove corrosion or it will damage the seals on the replacement valve. If you can’t remove the corrosion, you must replace the entire compressor.

If you find any corrosion, flush the entire AC system.

Coat the O-rings on the new valve with refrigerant oil

Insert the new valve into the compressor and then install the circlip

refill with oil

Evacuate and recharge with refrigerant.

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