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Water leak wet carpeting – Ford Lincoln

Fix water leak and wet carpeting on Ford or Lincoln

If you have Water leak wet carpeting – Ford Lincoln, the carpeting on the passenger side gets wet every time you run the A/C, the problem is the evaporator drain tube—it isn’t long enough. Go to your Ford/Lincoln dealer and ask for part #F3LY-6A14-A extension elbow. To install, remove the transmission dipstick on Expeditions. On Navigators, extend the running boards. Then, remove the right front wheel and inner splash shield. Next you’ll have to remove the dash panel insulator by removing the plastic push pins. Move the insulator to expose the evaporator drain. Insert the shorter end of the new extension onto the old drain so the longer ends comes out and points down. Verify the fix by starting the vehicle and running the A/C. Watch for water to come out of the new extension drain. Reinstall the components you removed.


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