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WD-40 for rusted bolts?

Is WD-40 for rusted bolts?

WD-40 is a great all purpose lubricant. But people think it’s the best penetrating oil. It’s not. In fact, WD-40 makes a special product just for loosening rusted and stuck fasteners. It’s called Specialist Penetrant Spray. It works MUCH better than the ordinary blue can of their general purpose lubricant.

But there are other equally effective rust penetrant sprays

PB Blaster, Knock’r Loose, FreezeOff and Liquid Wrench are very good rust penetrant products. Any of them is better than ordinary a general purpose lube at loosening rusted and stuck fasteners.

best rust penetrants

Each has its advantages and disadvantages includes the possibility of staining car paint. Since rust often seals the threads of a rusted fastener, sometimes it’s better to shock the rust with either heat or cold. That’s how the FreezeOff works, buy chilling the fastener to break the rust.

If you’ve tried ordinary general purpose lubricant and it isn’t working, try a real rust penetrant that’s made specifically as a rust penetrant before you give up.

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