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What’s the deal with the windshield wiper blade

Who invented the windshield wiper blade?

It’s amazing that someone even needed to invent a windshield wiper blade or that vehicles didn’t have them before they were invented. But Mary Anderson mary anderson windshield wiperapparently couldn’t take it anymore after watching a trolley car driver stop to wipe sleet off the windshield. So she got the idea and filed for a U.S. Patent on the wiper blades we know today. She never made a dime off of her invention.

According to the History Channel, Mary simply couldn’t find any takers for her groundbreaking invention:

“When she received her patent, Anderson tried to sell it to a Canadian manufacturing firm, but the company refused: The device had no practical value, it said, and so was not worth any money. Though mechanical windshield wipers were standard equipment in passenger cars by around 1913, Anderson never profited from the invention.

windshield wiper patent

People scoffed at Anderson’s invention, saying that the wipers’ movement would distract the driver and cause accidents. Her patent expired before she could entice anyone to use her idea.” http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/mary-anderson-patents-windshield-wiper

Mary was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2011.

What’s the irony?

At age 35, inventor John Anderson founded the Anderson CompanyJohn anderson ANCO in South Bend, IN to make manifold and ignition timers for Ford’s Model T. According to his biography, he was driving on a rainy night in 1925 and needed a new wiper blade insert. He couldn’t find a replacement. So his company started making replacement windshield wiper blades and inserts under the ANCO brand name. ANCO wipers became one of the top name brands in the U.S. ANCO is still made and owned by Federal-Mogul,

Both the inventor and supreme marketer were named Anderson. John Anderson was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1972

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