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Why does my engine overheat

How to diagnose and fix an engine that overheats

I can’t tell you how many times I see forum participants write in and say their Engine overheats and they drive. Sure, they pulled over and let it cool down along the way. But now they’ve got a car in their driveway that won’t crank, or will crank but not start, or now has coolant in the oil.

With aluminum engines and heads, the Number One Rule when it comes to overheating is PULL OVER. TURN IT OFF. CALL A TOW TRUCK. GET IT IN TO A SHOP TO GET IT CHECKED OUT.


Once a cylinder head overheats, repeated cycles of running/cool down, running/cool down can actually cause more damage. So, if you try to save the lousy $100 on a tow, I can just about guarantee you that it’s gonna cost you a few thousand for a new engine.

Guys, it’s not like the old days where you could get away with driving a cast iron engine. Aluminum is a whole new ballgame. GET IT TOWED.

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