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Why does my Malibu Stall

Fix a stalling Malibu

If you’ve got a 2004-’05 Chevrolet Malibu with the 2.2L engine and notice severe hesitation and your Malibu Stalls and RPM Drops, this may be the fix. The problem can occur if you’re doing parking lot maneuvers or during a deceleration. The cause is a voltage spike from the radiator fan that scrambles the electronic ignition controls. Don’t waste your time replacing the crankshaft sensor—it won’t help. Instead, install a diode protected jumper harness (P/N 15242641). Splice it in into the cooling fan circuit using the following instructions.
1. Unplug the right fan plug and open the clip holding conduit at the fan.
2. Remove the clip from the jumper harness.
3. Connect the jumper harness to the fan connection.
4. Connect the harness connector to the jumper harness.
5. Place the jumper in the existing clip and close the clip.
6. Without straining the wiring, gently gather the excess wiring harness and attach it to the fan motor support below the connector with an appropriate wire tie. Trim off any excess wire tie. The wiring should not be able to become entangled in the accessory drive

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