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Windshield Glass treatment rip off

Avoid the windshield glass treatment rip off

Do your own windshield glass treatment

Car finance guys really pour on the pressure to sell expensive glass treatment. It’s nothing more than Aquapel that you can buy at any auto parts store for about $10. Do your own glass treatment right in your driveway in about 5-mins.

Aquapel is a Glass treatment water repellent for your windshield. glass protection, glass treatmentUnlike Rain-X which only lasts for about a month, Aquapel Glass treatment actually bonds with the glass and lasts 6-12 months. Aquapel comes in a glass capsule inside a “winged” applicator. You squeeze the wings together to break the capsule. Then the fluid soaks into the fabric cover and you wipe it on the windshield. Then you use paper towels to remove the liquid and use the remaining fluid to wipe on a second application. Finally, you use more paper toweling to remove the film that shows as the solvent dries. After that you can watch water bead up on your glass. It’s a great product.

When they first introduced the Aquapel, it was only available through licensed “trained” dealers. Today, however, you can buy Aquapel from many auto parts stores. It’s usually packaged under the PPG label, not Aquapel, and sits in a counter display box by the cash register. Retail price is around $12. Pepboys will sell you a package AND apply it for you for $15. Car dealers, on the other hand, are offering this as a lifetime service for a mere $300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They claim they are the ONLY ones who can apply Aquapel, since they’re “licensed” dealers. Want to become your own dealer? Go to this website http://www.topoftheline.com/aqprpa.html and buy a case of 24 applicators and ask for the dealer demo bottle and consumer handouts. There. You’re now a dealer. Your wholesale cost if you buy a case of 24? $4.58 each. You could apply this product to your windshield 1X/year for the next 20 years and only spend about $100.

Morale of the story? You guessed it. It’s another dealer rip-off. Speaking of rip-offs: While you’re on this site, check out their other auto detailing products. This company sells paint sealant. You know, the stuff the dealer wants to charge you $600 for? Well, you can buy it here for under $50. Splurge a bit and buy the special applicator and you still won’t spend more than $75

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