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Windshield washer pump not working GM vehicles

How do I fix a windshield washer pump on GM vehicle

GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #07-08-43-004C windshield washer pump not working GM vehicles to address problems with the windshield washer pumps on the following vehicles: 2006-07 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and 2006-08 Chevrolet Impala. Users may experience either poor pump performance or a an inoperative and intermittent pump. GM warns dealers NOT TO REPLACE THE WASHER PUMP. The problem is an underrated fuse.

GM’s official fix is to replace the 10 amp windshield washer fuse (labeled WSW) in the Underhood Bussed Electrical Center (UBEC) with a 15 amp fuse. Yes, you read that right. GM wants you to put in a larger fuse. They say that’ll correct the problem.

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