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Windstar ac blows warm air

My Windstar A/C blows warm air

It’s a common problem when a Windstar ac blows warm air. It’s most often the result of a crack in the vacuum line that powers the blend air door actuator. Any lack of vacuum will result in the actuator defaulting to the warm position. You can crank you’re A/C up all the way and it still won’t get cool in the vehicle. Get under the dash and check the plastic vacuum line all the way to it’s source under the hood. They have a tendency to crack near the firewall. If the vacuum line checks out good, then check the actuator. With the heater control in the full cold position, remove the vacuum line from the blend door actuator and watch it’s operation. It should retract to the full heat position. Also, disconnect the actuator and check the condition of the door and shaft. If it’s binding, that could be part of the problem. Dorman Products makes a replacement blend door for the Taurus, but not for the Windstar. If the door is broken, you have to replace the entire heater box. Yikes!$$$$$$.


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