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Wiper arm slips or stops

Fix for wiper arm that stops at full out position or slips

Description of wiper arm stops or wiper slips problem

GM has issued a service bulletin #PIT5142A to address a problem with windshield wiper arm that stops in the full out position or slips on the shaft. GM describes the problem as an issue where the windshield wipers don’t park in the correct position, don’t sweep correctly or the arm slips on the pivot shaft. This causes the wiper arms to get out of position from slipping on the shaft. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed below:

Vehicles affected by wiper stops or slips issue

2011 – 2012 Buick Enclave

2011 – 2012 Chevrolet Traverse

2011 – 2012 GMC Acadia

Cause of the wiper arm slip or stopping problem

The issue may be caused by a faulty wiper transmission, however, GM notes that before replacing the transmission, try cleaning and torqueing the wiper blade arms to reseat them.

• Remove the windshield wiper arm nuts. Then rock the wiper arms to loosen them from the knurled areas on the motor pivot shaft.

• Clean the knurls on the wiper motor pivot shaft. wiper pivot wiper arm slips

• Turn the wipers on and off so the motor goes  into the park position.

• Align the tips of the front wiper blades to the paint dots on the windshield and retorque the nut to (29.5 lb ft.

• Perform a wet wipe and re-check the alignment.

If the wiper arms stay in alignment and no long stop or slip, you’ve fixed the problem. If the wiper arms continue to stop or slip, replace the wiper transmission assembly.

wiper linkage transmission

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