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Wet Carpet in Chrysler Vehicles — TSB fix

Fix for Wet Carpet in Chrysler Vehicles — TSB fix

If you own a 2004-06 Pacifica or 2001-06 Town & Country, Caravan, or Voyager built before Dec 16, 2005, Chrysler has issued a TSB fix (24-001-006 Rev A) for a wet carpet caused by A/C condensation leaking from the housing.

First, verify that the wet carpet is caused by leaking condensate. Water may run back along the outside of the drain tube and onto the passenger side carpet. If you discover that’s the source of your leak, follow this procedure:

Disconnect the battery and disconnect the inlet air temperature sensor. Loosen the clamp that holds the inlet hose to the throttle body. You can leave the other end attached to the air cleaner housing because you’re going to remove the entire air cleaner assembly. Check the HVAC drain tube to make sure it isn’t clogged. Install O ring #68001994AA onto the drain tube. Make sure the O ring sits ¼” onto the keyway above the top of the HVAC drain and past the slot in the bottom of the HVAC drain. Reinstall the parts you removed.


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