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Brake Rotor cooling vane designs

Brake Rotor Cooling Vane Designs

Brake rotor cooling vanes draw outside air from the center of the disc and swirl it between the two rotor faces to dissipate heat from the rotor.

Straight rotor cooling vanes

The simplest rotor vane design is straight vanes. straight rotor vane designThey cost the least to manufacturer but are the least efficient for cooling the rotor.

Curved rotor cooling vanes

Curved vanes tend to scoop more air than straight vanes. They also keep the air inside longer to remove more heat.curved rotor vanes

Pillar rotor cooling vanes

A pillar design forces the air through a maze-like patterns of tear-drop or diamond shaped pillars. This design is the most costly to manufacture but provides the most cooling

pillar rotor cooling vanes

rotor vane designs

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