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Ford Plastic oil drain plug

Leaking Ford Plastic oil drain plug

Owners of Ford 2.7, 3.0, and 3.5 liter engines with a plastic oil pan and plastic drain plug are experiencing problems with the drain plug. Because these plastic oil pans expand and contract with heat, they must use a plastic oil drain plug.

Not understanding how these plastic drain plugs work is the number one cause of oil drain plug failure and oil drain plug leaks.

The drain plugs have tabs that lock into a circular ring on the drain plug. To remove the oil drain plug, just rotate it counter-clockwise.

Mistakes #1 and #2 when removing the Ford plastic drain plug

1) Do NOT squeeze the tabs; they don’t move.vford plastic oil drain plan plug
2) Do NOT lift or pry on the tabs with a flat blade screwdriver; they will break off.
These are NO-TOOL drain plugs

Mistake #3 Reusing the oford oil drain plugld drain plug

Do NOT reuse the plastic drain plug. It is a one-time use item. If you reuse the drain plug and silicone O-ring, it will leak. You’ve been warned.

Consider aftermarket options

Several companies make retrofit oil drain plugs for the Ford plastic oil pan. For example, this Dorman replacement doesn’t get removed for an oil change. Just unscrew the center portion with a flat blade screwdriver. The oil drain straight down. For more information see this link on the dorman site. 

Or, consider this replacement Ford plastic oil drain plug retrofit from Femco.com

femco ford oil drain plug retrofitThe Femco plug is a direct replacement for the plastic yellow OEM plug in your Ford. Please make sure your vehicle uses the yellow drain plug before ordering. Your Ford oil plug should be yellow plastic if you wish to replace it with a Femco® oil drain plug.

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