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Honda crankshaft bolt removal

Best way to remove crankshaft bolt from a Honda engine

You want to do your own timing belt replacement so you honda crank tool 2can save a few hundred dollars. But the first thing you discover is that you don’t know how to do a Honda crankshaft bolt removal. Some folks have tried attaching a long breaker bar and socket to the bolt and wedging the breaker bar against the concrete floor. Then, they go inside the car and bump the starter. The quick snapping force can sometimes break the bolt loose. It can also crack the front end of your crankshaft. Then, instead of saving a few hundred bucks on a timing belt change, you’ll be spending a few thousand dollars for a new engine. Here’s the right way to remove a Honda crankshaft bolt. But a crankshaft pulley holder tool. The tool fits into the oversize hex cutout on the Honda pulley. The center of the thonda crank tool 3ool is hollow so you can fit your regular crankshaft socket onto the bolt. Attach a long ½” breaker bar to the holding tool and use another ½” breaker bar to remove the crankshaft bolt. This is a tool that only gets used once every 60,000-90,000 miles, but is worth every penny.

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