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Long cranking before start – GM

Long cranking before start – GM

GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) PIC3649E to address Intermittent Long cranking before start, no start, no crank, P0335. The TSB applies to the following vehicles:

2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu/Maxx
2005-2007 Pontiac G6
2007 Saturn Aura

If you own one of these vehicles and experience the problems mentions, and the problems are not due to a low battery condition, these fixes may solve the problem.

First, check that the ground stud nuts on the radiator support are tight. The terminal should not rotate. Next, check that the main engine ground (located at the rear of the block above the transaxle) is tight. Make sure the terminal crimp is tight to the wire.
Then remove the UBEC and check that all the connectors underneath the UBEC are locked into position. Reinstall the UBEC. For 4 cylinder VIN code F vehicles, check that the latest calibration for the vehicle loaded into the PCM.

If the problem is a long crank and then the engine starts, but runs roughly for a few seconds, check to see if the fuel pressure drops off when the engine is not running. If the
pressure does drop off replace the fuel module assembly.

However, if the problem is an intermittent no crank or you turn the key and nothing happens:
1. Check that ground connections G201/ G203 and G305 are secure.
2. Check high speed serial data circuit. The lock on each connector should
be unlocked and then push the connector onto the module and then relock the connector at each module.

If there is no click or only one click when the key is turned, check ground G105 (the heavy engine ground located at the rear of the engine). The fastener may appear to be secure, but the ring terminal under the nut could be free to move. If this ground is secure then replace the UBEC.

If the computer is storing P1682 or SIR code B1370 is set, replace the UBEC.

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