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Octane booster instead of premium?

Octane booster instead of premium — is it worth it?

As fewer and fewer engines require high octane gas, the prices for premium have been rising. In some cases, the price difference between 87 octane and 91 octane is almost 50 cents per gallon more. That makes people wonder if they can buy regular (87) octane and treat it with octane booster instead of filling up with premium.

Is it cost effective to add an octane booster to regular gas?

Probably not. Let’s take a look at a popular octane booster; Lucas 3X octane booster. Lucas states that adding 1 15-oz bottle to 25 gallons of gas raises the gas 30-points or 3 octane numbers.

At .44/gallon price difference between regular (87) and mid-grade (91), if you add 1 bottle of Lucas Octane booster to boost regular gas to 91 octane, it’s close to break-even.

Price of booster at Autozone $10 plus .70 tax = $10.70. If your tank holds 25 gallons, you’d save (25 X .44 = $11.00. But if you only need 15 gallons, you’d actually lose money if you poured in the entire bottle. 15 gallons X .44 = $6.60. Or, you’d have to measure out just 9-ounces from the bottle to break even.

Cheaper octane booster

There are cheaper octane boosters on the market, but usually you get what you pay for. In other words, they don’t boost your octane as much.

Make sure you read the spec sheet to see how many octane numbers the product claims in order to compare one brand to another.

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