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Pushrod remover tool

Pushrod remover tool

intake gasket, leaking coolant, push rod removal toolIf you’re working on the intake manifold gaskets on a GM 3.1 or 3.4-liter engine, you’ll have to remove the push rods in order to remove the intake manifold. The traditional way to do that is to loosen all the rocker arms first. Then you have to go through the whole procedure of tightening them down again. This tool saves you ALL that time. Just install the tool on the rocker arm and slowly compress the valve. Pull out the push rod and SLOWLY release the rocker arm. Do NOT let it snap closed or you can damage the

This tool is worth every penny. It saves a ton of time.

FYI–Get a cardboard box and jam each push rod into the cardboard to Keep them in the same order they came out of the engine. The intake and exhaust push rods are a DIFFERENT length. Plus, they MUST go back in the same place or you’ll get clicking noise from mis-mated wear patterns.

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