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Replace tire pressure sensor battery

Can you replace a tire pressure sensor battery?

TPMS sensor dead battery — replace battery or replace TPMS sensor?

This question appears often and you see some Youtube videos that show you how to replace a tire pressure sensor battery.  But let’s get one thing clear; these batteries and sensors were never designed to be repaired. The electronics and the batteries are embedded in electronic “potting” material. Some sensor embed the electronics and battery in hard epoxy, while others use a flexible urethane compound.

In order to replace a battery that’s embedded in potting material, you must remove the sensor from the wheel,, open the sensor, dig out the potting compound, unsolder and resolder the batteries and then add new potting compound and reseal the TPMS sensor.

In other words, it’s a huge job and it’s bound to fail. It’s not worth it. A shop would never attempt it, and it’s stupid to do this on your own.

So, even though it’s technically possible to replace a TPMS battery, it’s really not practical.

Replace the TPMS sensor!

TPMS sensor potting material


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