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Subaru knocking sound, squeaking sound from stabilizer bushing

Fix for Subaru knocking sound over bumps, squeaking sound from stabilizer bushing

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #05-88-21R to address a Subaru knocking sound, squeaking sound from the stabilizer bushings. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed below. Subaru has made a design change to the front stabilizer bushings by enhancing the the bushing material to address the knocking and squealing sounds when driving on rough roads.

subaru stabilizer bushing
subaru stabilizer bushing

Vehicles covered by Subaru service bulletin #05-88-21R

2014-22MY Forester
2013-21MY Crosstrek
2015-21MY WRX
2015-2019MY Legacy
2015-22MY Outback
2019-22MY Ascent
2017-22MY Impreza

New stabilizer bushing part numbers to correct Subaru knocking sound or squeaking sound

Forester 20414SG001
Crosstrek 20414SG001
WRX 20414SG001
Impreza 20414FL00B 20414FL01B
Outback 20414XC00B 20414AL00B
Ascent 20414XC00B
Legacy 20414AL00B

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