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Subaru P0128

Fix for Subaru P0128

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #11-102-11R to address a Subaru P0128 and a Subaru P050A trouble code on the vehicles listed below. Normally, a P0128 would be a simply thermostat replacement. But Subaru has come up with a software patch to eliminate false Subaru P0128 and Subaru P050A codes.

Vehicles affected by Subaru service bulletin #11-102-11R

2010~2011MY Legacy and Outback
2010~2011MY Forester
2010~2011MY Impreza
2010~2011MY Tribeca

Fix for Subaru P0128 and a Subaru P050A

Any shop that has software update capabilities can flash update your vehicle. The cost is around $150.

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