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ABS light on abs light on crown victoria, power steering hard

Fix ABS light on abs light on crown victoria, power steering hard If you own a vehicle and have multiple problems like ABS light on abs light on crown victoria and power steering hard, you may be confused how the two are related. But keep in mind that most late model vehicles have data lines running from one module to another. An open or short can really mess up the data bus and cause strange seemingly unrelated problems. The most obvious sign of a data failure is a problem scanning for trouble … Read More

Ford diesel no power

My Ford diesel has no power Owners of Ford 7.3L diesel Direct Injected Turbo (DIT) or PowerStroke engines may have a situation with Ford diesel no power where the engine starts and idles fine but will not accelerate. Ford installed “drive-by-wire” technology in these vehicles. So the accelerator pedal no longer is connected to the engine by a cable. Instead it acts like a throttle position sensor. Ford refers to this sensor as an Accelerator Position Sensors (AP). To act as a redundant sensor, Ford also adds an Idle Validation Switch … Read More

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