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ABS light on abs light on crown victoria, power steering hard

Fix ABS light on abs light on crown victoria, power steering hard

If you own a vehicle and have multiple problems like ABS light on abs light on crown victoria and power steering hard, you may be confused how the two are related. But keep in mind that most late model vehicles have data lines running from one module to another. An open or short can really mess up the data bus and cause strange seemingly unrelated problems. The most obvious sign of a data failure is a problem scanning for trouble codes. You’ll either see no codes even with the ABS or check engine light on, or a message that says “No communication.” When this happens, always start by checking the fuses and power to each module. Backprobe each connector to confirm power. Then check the integrity of the grounds to each module. If you still don’t see communication, disconnect all the modules until you get communication. Then plug in the unplugged modules to see which one takes down the data line.

In the case of the Crown Victoria (2007) shops are reporting finding an open in the wiring harness to the ABS controller. Once the ABS light goes on and the controller stops reporting, the variable assist power steering automatically switches to minimal assist mode, making steering much harder.

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