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BCM body control module

What does a BCM body control module do? A body control module (BCM) is a computer used to control electrical items in a car or truck which used to be controlled individually by switches. Car makers switched to this design for several reasons: to reduce overall vehicle weight by reducing the size and quantity of copper wire used, to monitor and control power usage, to allow for remote operation and diagnostics. BCM can switch power to lights For example, in non-computerized vehicles, the power for headlights was supplied by a … Read More

Power windows, radio, blower Grand Caravan

Power windows, radio, blower stop working Dodge Grand Caravan If you run into a problem where these electrical accessories work when the key is turned to the RUN position but the engine is off, but stop working when the engine is running, the problem may be either the ignition switch or the intelligent power module (IPM). Start by checking the voltages from the ignition switch when it is in various positions. With the key out, the ignition switch reports 4.6 volts to the BCM. The voltage goes down to 4.04 … Read More

No reverse lights dodge caravan

Fix no reverse lights dodge caravan 2001-07 Dodge Grand Caravans use the Body Control Module (BCM) to turn on the back-up lights. If you have a situation with No reverse lights dodge caravan, read this post. The BCM also controls the power door locks, automatic door locks, door lock inhibit (child locks), chime driver, compass, trip computer, interior lighting, power liftgate, exterior lighting headlight time delay, automatic headlights, illuminated entry, interior light fade to off feature, and instrument panel lighting. The BCM looks for signal from the gear shift. If … Read More

ABS module replacement cost

How much is ABS module replacement cost Every car is filled with computer modules. Don’t get stuck paying outrageous  prices for new modules. Get yours rebuilt. ABS module replacement cost varies by make and model, but it’s always less than buying a new abs module. If the shop removes your abs module and sends it to a rebuilder, you’ll often wind up with a lower abs module replacement cost. Your brakes will continue to function without the abs module, you just won’t have the abs brake feature.However, the stock of … Read More

Headlight Problems Chrysler minivan

Fix a headlight problem on a minivan If you have Headlight Problems Chrysler minivan, read this article. They’ve made the system so complicated that in some cases you need a scan tool to find out what’s wrong. Don’t own a $3,000 scan tool? Well, you can still do some of your own diagnostics. But first you have to understand the method behind Chrysler’s madness. It’s like Old Mcdonald’s Farm Chrysler wants every switch to go through a computer. Then one computer talks to another. The first computer is called the … Read More

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