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ABS module replacement cost and repair

ABS module replacement cost and repair rebuilding services

ABS module rebuilding is a great way to save money and avoid high module replacement costs

Don’t get stuck paying outrageous  prices for new modules. Get yours rebuilt. ABS module replacement cost varies by make and model, but it’s always abs module rebuilderless than buying a new abs module. If the shop removes your abs module and sends it to a rebuilder, you’ll often wind up paying much less than a new module. Your brakes will continue to function without the abs module, you just won’t have the abs brake feature.

What goes wrong with ABS modules?

ABS works by pulsing brake fluid to the wheel. The pulsing is done with a solenoid. The most common cause of ABS module failure is a burned out solenoid coil or a coil driver on the ABS module circuit board.

Both of these issues can be repaired by a rebuilder. They simply solder in a new solenoid coil or replace the coil driver.

How much does ABS module rebuilding cost versus ABS module replacement?

Many companies charge less than $300 to rebuild your module. Call them first to make sure yours can be rebuilt. Then remove yours (usually held in place by security Torx screws), wrap it in foil and send it Express Mail Overnight to the rebuilder. The usually fix yours within 48 hours and send it back to you.

ABS module replacement cost, on the other hand can run $1,000 to as much as $4,000 depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Where to get you ABS module rebuilt

I have actual experience with bba-raman.com and modulemaster.com. I’m listing the others, not as an endorsement, but for your convenience.

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