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Where to get replacement PCM, ECM, or module

Can you swap in a used PCM, ECM, or module from a junkyard? The short answer is NO, you cannot swap in a used PCM, ECM or module from a junkyard. Even if the part number on the used PCM, ECM or module is exactly the same, that doesn’t mean it’s programmed properly. On most late model cars and trucks, the PCM, ECM, or module MUST be programmed to your vehicle’s VIN code and build code. Don’t believe me? Read this scary Technical Service Bulletin from GM: GM PIP4670E Service … Read More

ABS module replacement cost and repair

ABS module replacement cost and repair rebuilding services ABS module rebuilding is a great way to save money and avoid high module replacement costs Don’t get stuck paying outrageous  prices for new modules. Get yours rebuilt. ABS module replacement cost varies by make and model, but it’s always less than buying a new abs module. If the shop removes your abs module and sends it to a rebuilder, you’ll often wind up paying much less than a new module. Your brakes will continue to function without the abs module, you … Read More

P0605 Chrysler minivan

Fix code P0605 Chrysler minivan This P0605 Chrysler minivan code is usually caused by an internal failure to communicate between the PCM and the transmission control module. It affects 2001-02 Chrysler minivans with the 3.8L engine. You should replace the TSM. You will then have to program the pinion factor (tire size) and perform a quick learn procedure once the transmission fluid is at operating temperature. You will need a scan tool with bidirectional capabilities to perform this programming.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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