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Brake fluid flush

Brake fluid flush — is it really necessary? Yes. Your brake fluid’s anti-corrosive properties diminish over time and the fluid itself absorbs water. Water in brake fluid reduces its boiling point and decreases your braking ability, especially in hard braking situations that create the most heat. That’s why you should get a brake fluid flush. The combined effects of water and no anti-corrosive properties can also result in the internal degradation of brake lines, calipers, wheel cylinders, and ABS valves. In other words, what you save by not performing a … Read More

Brake fluid flush

Brake fluid flush If the shop recommends a brake fluid flush, here’s what you should know Why does the brake fluid need to be flushed? Brake fluid doesn’t last forever. Once its anti-corrosive additives wear out, internal corrosion sets in. Plus, brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it has an affinity to absorb water. Water in the brake fluid can reduce braking power as it heats to the boiling point and creates steam. That can happen during long hard stops like mountain roads. Water and brake fluid isn’t compressible, but steam … Read More

Flush brake fluid

When should you flush brake fluid Some car makers say you should flush brake fluid every two years. Here’s why. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, so it absorbs water. Water in brake fluid reduces its boiling point and that reduces your braking ability. Brake fluid also contains anti-corrosive additives and those wear out over time. Your shop says brake fluid looks dark Brake fluid flushes usually come up when the shop lets you know that your brake fluid looks dark. But bobody can determine the condition of your brake fluid with  … Read More

Chrysler warning on fluid flushes

Chrysler warning on fluid flushes Chrysler has issued a service bulletin 26-004-12 warning against the practice of engine flush, transmission flush, axle lube flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush, and refrigerant flush. Unless otherwise noted in your owner’s manual, Chrysler states that their vehicle fluid systems do NOT require regular flushing. They make an exception for instances where a malfunction has occurred or the system has become compromised, contaminated or overheated beyond the normal operating range. In addition, Chrysler does NOT recommend the use of aftermarket chemicals to conduct … Read More

Maintenance schedule service rip-off

Is scheduled maintenance a rip-off Every car maker publishes a maintenance schedule and shops LOVE to push maintenance schedule service because they make oodles of money. Many of the items on the check list are for inspections. Inspect the brakes, inspect the belts, inspect the fasteners, etc. You should have all of these maintenance items done. However, 90% of these inspections and services can be performed by a low level technician. You do not need to pay $100/hr for an ASE Certified Master Technician to check the air pressure in … Read More

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