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Flush brake fluid

When should you flush brake fluid Some car makers say you should flush brake fluid every two years. Here’s why. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, so it absorbs water. Water in brake fluid reduces its boiling point and that reduces your braking ability. Brake fluid also contains anti-corrosive additives and those wear out over time. Your shop says brake fluid looks dark Brake fluid flushes usually come up when the shop lets you know that your brake fluid looks dark. But bobody can determine the condition of your brake fluid with  … Read More

Chrysler Fluid Flush Warning: What You Need To Know

Chrysler says no to routine fluid flushes These days you can’t go in for any service without getting hit up for a “recommended” fluid flush like; transmission  engine, brake, coolant, or power steering. I’ve always recommended referring to your owner’s maintenance guide and following that instead of the recommendations that come from the shop. Because, if it was up to them, every customer would need those services every time they walked in the door. Chrysler has taken a hard stand on these unnecessary services in a service bulletin. Chrysler service … Read More

Most common auto service rip offs

What are the most common auto service rip offs Every car maker publishes a maintenance schedule and shops LOVE to push maintenance schedule service because they make oodles of money. Many of the items on the check list are for inspections: Inspect the brakes, inspect the belts, inspect the fasteners, etc. You should have all of these maintenance items done. However, 90% of these inspections and services can be performed by a low level technician. You do not need to pay $150/hr for a dealer ASE Certified Master Technician to … Read More

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