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Next generation car wax eliminates the hard work

Hybrid Ceramic Car Wax is a huge leap forward Traditional car wax is made from blends of natural waxes like carnauba, beeswax, natural oil like linseed and solvents. Depending on the blend and the amount of solvent used, the car wax is available in solidified or liquid form. Solidified wax is the hardest to apply and spread and requires the most elbow grease to buff to a shine. The liquid forms require far less effort to apply, but still require effort to wipe off and buff. Both types are wipe … Read More

What’s the best car wax

Rick’s Best Car Wax Pick I hate waxing my car. I mean, I really hate. But I tried this Meguiars Ultimate Wax for a story I did for The Family Handyman. This is a polymer wax (sometimes called paint sealant). You wipe it on with a sponge (included) and keep wiping until it go to “haze.” Then you wipe it off with a microfiber towel. I have to tell you I was shocked at how easy it is. Then I was blown away by the glossy “wet” look. I’m sure … Read More

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