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Next generation car wax eliminates the hard work

Hybrid Ceramic Car Wax is a huge leap forward

Traditional car wax is made from blends of natural waxes like carnauba, beeswax, natural oil like linseed and solvents. Depending on the blend and the amount of solvent used, the car wax is available in solidified or liquid form. Solidified wax is the hardest to apply and spread and requires the most elbow grease to buff to a shine. The liquid forms require far less effort to apply, but still require effort to wipe off and buff. Both types are wipe on, wipe off (WOWO). Carnauba waxes are preferred by car buffs because they result in a deep warm-toned shine. If you’re willing to invest the time and muscle, they provide a beautiful look. Unfortunately carnaubu wax doesn’t last long, so you’ll be waxing several times each year. The liquid natural waxes take less effort but don’t produce the same deep shine. Plan on re-waxing your car several times a year when using these products.

Synthetic car wax provides a wet look and lasts longer

Synthetic car waxes take the technology a step further by

Meguiars Synthetic Ultimate Car Wax

Meguiars Synthetic Ultimate Car Wax

using micronized polymers and silicones that penetrate deeper into the paint’s pores to seal them. Because of that deep penetration and sealing, synthetic wax is often referred to as paint sealant. The product results in a glass-like “wet look” shine, that lasts much longer than natural car waxes. Synthetic car wax is also WOWO product, but it’s much easier to apply and wipe off than natural wax products. Because it’s polymer based, it lasts far longer than even the best natural wax. It’s not uncommon for synthetic wax to last well beyond a year.

Hybrid Ceramic Wax is major step forward

A hybrid car wax combines the sealing properties of polymers with the water repellent properties of silicone dioxide (SiO2). Silicone dioxide products are often used to provide long lasting waterproofing to outdoor materials like concrete and brick. They repel water and last longer than other types of waterproofing products because they’re Hydrophobic*—“tending to repel or fail to mix with water.”

Meguiar’s , a leading manufacturer of car care products, recently Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Car Waxintroduced their latest SiO2 hybrid ceramic car wax that sprays on and penetrates, but doesn’t require wiping or buffing. So it’s not a WOWO product. Meguiar’s recommends washing and rinsing the vehicle in a traditional manner, but not drying it. While wet, you spray on the product and then dry with a microfiber towel. Meguiar’s refers to this as “foundational layer” to spread the product to all the nooks and crannies on the painted surfaces. Then apply a second coat and rinse off. You only have to apply the foundational layer one time. For future applications, simply spray the product onto a newly washed and rinsed surface, then spray rinse the vehicle using a strong stream of water. Wipe dry using a microfiber towel.

Meguiar’s says that their Hybrid Ceramic Wax lasts longer than any conventional car wax. Easier to apply and longer lasting? What’s not to like?

Find Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax at auto parts stores and online

*Hydrophobic silica displays water resistant properties because of its nanostructure and chemical properties. When applied to a surface of a material, the nanoparticles adhere to the host material and prevent liquids from permeating the rough texture. The water only comes into contact with the tips of the nanoparticles coating the outside of the material. Due to lack of attraction, the water is repelled from the hydrophobic silica.—Wikipedia

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