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Coolant leak Hyundai Santa Fe

How to diagnose and fix a coolant leak Hyundai Santa Fe If you find a coolant leak coming from behind the AC compressor, you may wonder what the heck is going on. When the bearings fail on a normal water pump, the coolant leaks through the weep hole. It’s pretty easy to spot. But on the Hyundai 2.7L engine the designers didn’t want leaking coolant to drip onto the timing belt. So they built a passage to dump the coolant out behind the AC compressor. If that’s where you discover … Read More

Coolant leak Ford Escape Mercury Mariner

Fix Coolant leak Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner If you own a 2006 Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner with the 3.0L engine and have a coolant leak, the problem may be a small crack in the coolant reservoir. Ford has discovered a pattern failure in this reservoir bottle and has redesigned it to correct the flaw. The new part is 1L8Z-8A080-BB. To confirm the source of the leak, pressure the cooling system and look for seepage from the bottom of the reservoir bottle at the seam. ©, 2014 Rick Muscoplat  

Fix intake manifold gaskets

How to fix Leaking intake manifold gaskets on GM engines GM 3.1 and 3.4-liter engines are known for leaking intake manifold gaskets. If you replace the gaskets yourself, there are a few tips and warnings to be aware of. TIP/WARNING #1: You’ll have to remove the push rods to lift off the intake manifold. The intake and exhaust push rods are different sizes, so PAY attention to the order in which you remove them. Get a cardboard box and poke holes in it. Insert the push rods into the holes … Read More

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