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Horn doesn’t work

Fix a Horn that doesn’t work If you’ve tried to beep your horn to alert somebody to get out of the way and your horn doesn’t work, read this post. It describes how many horn systems work and provides Horn doesn’t work along with troubleshooting steps. First, understand that there are many ways to wire a horn in a modern vehicle. Click on the image below to download a PDF of three common methods. In an older vehicle, the horn button provides a path to ground for the control coil … Read More

GMC Sierra Horn doesn’t work

Horn doesn’t work If the horn in your GMC truck doesn’t work, here are a few tests and some results shops are seeing. First, supply power directly to the horn, bypassing the horn switch, horn fuse, clock spring, and horn relay. If the horn honks, that confirms you’ve got an electrical problem somewhere else. Next supply power ground the tan wire for the horn relay behind the clock spring. That ground wire goes to the control coil in the horn relay. If the horn still doesn’t work, pull the horn … Read More

Horn doesn’t work – Ford

Fix your Horn If you own a Ford truck and your horn doesn’t work, read this. These symptoms may sound like the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard of, but if you look at the electrical diagram it makes a little more sense. Think about it—what controls are on the steering wheel? Cruise Control and the Horn. Ok, if you’ve got a really expensive Ford Truck, you might also have remote radio controls. But for the most part, we’re talking horn and cruise. How does the cruise control know how to … Read More

Horn doesn’t work — Chrysler Minivan

Horn doesn’t work — Chrysler Minivan If you own a Chrysler minivan and the horn doesn’t work, this may be the fix for you. The power to the horn switch flows through the clockspring and everyone knows Chrysler has had plenty of problems with them . But before you yank the steering wheel, check the connector at the bottom of the steering column. Power down the airbag system by disconnecting the battery. Then disconnect the electrical connector at the base of the steering column that contains the Dark Green/Violet wire. … Read More

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