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P0171 P1157 Honda CRV

Fix code P0171 P1157 Honda CRV Honda has discovered a recurring problem in 2007-09 Honda CRV that can result in P0134, P0135, P0171, P1157 trouble codes. Honda has traced the problem to excess grease in the underhood fuse box that melts under high heat conditions and wicks down to the oxygen sensor connector, shorting out the sensor. Honda has designed a sub-harness (06322-SWA-305, H/C 9050097) that you install between the existing connector and the replacement sensor. Install the sub-harness in an upward loop to stop the grease from entering the … Read More

P0134 Oxygen sensor

Fix code P0134 Oxygen sensor A P0134 trouble code is defined as Oxygen Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 1). This oxygen sensor is located on the engine bank that houses #1 cylinder and is located BEFORE the catalytic converter In older Zirconia oxygen sensors, the PCM expects to see a rapidly changing voltage varying from .1-volts to .95-volts. A Zirconia sensor generates its own voltage based on the difference in oxygen levels between what it see in the atmosphere and the exhaust stream. If the PCM detects … Read More

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