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Tire dry rot — causes

What causes tire dry rot? Dry rot has many names but the same causes If your tires have cracks in the sidewall, shoulder area and between the tread blocks, chances are you have tire dry rot. Tire cracks are also referred to as Sidewall Weathering, Weather Checking,  Weather Cracking, or Ozone Cracking. #1 Cause of dry rot tire cracking Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. UV degrades rubber and the synthetic materials used in your tires. To determine if the tire cracks are caused by sun exposure, simply compare … Read More

What is Tire Dry Rot?

What causes tire dry rot? The term dry rot relating to tires is really a misnomer because tires don’t crack simply from drying out. Instead, the cracking common called dry rot is really caused by heat and ozone. When a tire runs hot or is stored in hot conditions or exposed to ozone, the rubber, and other materials in the tire degrade and become hard and brittle, causing cracks. It is not like dry wood rot where the root condition is a fungus. Instead, dry rot is caused by lack … Read More

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