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Use a tire plug a tire after it’s run flat?

Can you plug a tire after it’s run flat? You can’t plug a tire with a tire plug after it’s run flat without dismounting the tire and checking for internal damage. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the sidewall and bead area that’s not always visible from the outside. These are obvious signs of sidewall damage from driving on a flat tire But what about INTERNAL damage? Here’s an example of a brand new flat tire that was punctured with a perfectly repairable hole. The exterior sidewall … Read More

Tire plugs — is it safe to plug a tire?

Tire plug kit for flat repair Can you use a tire plug kit to repair a flat tire? Yes, but only as a temporary fix. What you have to understand about a puncture is that, if you were rolling when the puncture occurred, you probably damaged the inside of the tire as the air pressure dropped. Unless you dismount the tire and examine the condition of the interior, you really don’t know the extent of the puncture and deflation damage. Don’t listen to the “tire plug experts,” they’re idiots You’ll … Read More

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