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Traction control light on

Traction control light on and won’t turn off

Why is the traction control light on?

When you have a traction control light traction control light on iconson and it stays on, that’s an indication of a problem with either the traction control system or the anti-lock brake (ABS) system. When the traction control light is on steady, the underlying fault has disabled the traction control.

What does traction control do?

Traction control helps prevent loss of traction by reduces torque to slipping wheels or completely cutting power to slipping wheels until they regain traction.

How does traction control detect a slipping wheel?

The traction control system gets wheel speed input from the wheel speed sensors used by the ABS braking system. A faulty wheel speed sensor will cause a trouble code to set in the ABS system and also the traction control system

What causes a traction control light on condition?

Possible Reasons Why Your Traction Control Light Stays On

1. Bad wheel speed sensors

Faulty wheel speed sensor are a common cause of a traction control light on condition. Scan the trouble codes to find out which sensor is the source of the problem.

2. Steering angle sensor:

In vehicles equipped with both traction control and stability control, an misadjusted/miscalibrated steering angle sensor can cause an issue with both systems. You can cause a miscalibration by turning the wheels while the car is raised and in the off position. Any shop can recalibrate a steering angle sensor.

3. Mismatched tires can cause a traction control light on condition

The tires on your car must be the same size in order for the system to work properly.

4. Wheel speed sensor wiring harness issues.

Frayed or intermittent wiring conditions can cause the traction control system to malfunction

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