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1996 Civic Fuse Box Diagram: Exploring the Fuse Boxes

Find the right fuse using this 1996 Civic Fuse Box Diagram

The 1996 Honda Civic is equipped with two main fuse boxes: the under-hood fuse box and the interior fuse box. The two 1996 Civic fuse diagrams show the fuse location, fuse number, amperage and the circuits protected by each fuse.
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1996 Honda Civic Fuse Layout for under-dash fuse box

In under-dash fuse box is on the driver’s side below the dashboard. The interior fuse box controls the electrical systems within the cabin. To access it, you’ll need to open the fuse box cover, typically marked with a fuse symbol. This fuse box manages components like the audio system, power windows, interior lights, and various dashboard indicators.

This image shows the 1996 civic under-dash fuse diagram

How to find your fuse and the devices served by that fuse

There are 33 fuse slots in the Under-dash fuse box. The table shows only 10 to speed up load time. Here’s how to find the fuse and circuit you want.
1) Change the number of entries showing (in the Show Entries Box) to 100 and scroll the list.
2) Enter the name of the component you’re searching for in the Search box.
3) Use the Next/Previous buttons at the bottom of the table
This image shows how to navigate the table below

Fuse NumberAmperageCircuits Protected
1Not used
2Not used
310Rear wiper/washer, Security system (option) (Vehicles pre-wired for accessory security system)
410Right headlight, DRL control unit (Canada)
510Left headlight, DRL control unit (Canada)
720Left rear window motor
820Right rear window motor
915Ignition Coil (1198-00 except GX)
1020Front passenger's window motor
1120Driver's window motor
127.5Turn signals/hazards warning lights
1315FUEL PUMP (SRS UNIT) PGM-Fl main relay, SRS unit
147.5Stereo radio tuner ('96-'98 USA: LX, EX, and HX), Cruise control main switch, Keyless door lock control unit ('99-'00 models with keyless entry)
157.5ALTERNATOR SP SENSOR ELD unit, Gauge assembly, TCM ('96298 CVT), PGM-FI
167.5RR DEF RELAY Rear window defogger ('96-98 models), ABS control unit, Power mirror switch ('99-'00 models except GX)
177.5HEATER A/C RELAY Power mirrors (96-'98 models and all GX models), Air delivery. Blower controls, A/C compressor controls, Fans
187.5(RUNNING LIGHT RELAY) DRL control unit (Canada)
197.5BACK-UP LIGHTS Back-up lights
207.5(RUNNING LIGHT) DRL control unit (Canada)
2110Right headlight
2210Left headlight
2310SRS unit
247.5Power window relay, moonroof
257.5Integrated control unit, interlock system, gauges
2620Front wiper/washer
2720CIGARETTE Lighter, Accessory power socket
2810RADIO CLOCK Stereo radio tuner
2929 Not Used
307.5INSTRUMENT LIGHTS Dash & amp; console lights
317.5STARTER SIGNAL PGM-FI main relay, PCM/ECM, Integrated control unit
327.5LICENSE LIGHTS TAIL LIGHTS, Parking lights. License plate lights, Tail lights
337.5Interlock system

1996 Civic Fuse Diagram for the under-hood fuse box and fuse/relay box

The under-hood fuse box is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment near the firewall. The under-hood fuse/relay box is also on the passenger side of the engine compartment to the right of the strut tower (as you look at it from the grille).

This image show the 1996 honda civic under-hood fuse diagram
This image shows the 1996 honda under-hood fuse/relay box

Fuse NumberAmperageCircuits Protected
4180BATTERY Power distribution
4240Ignition switch
437.5INTERIOR LIGHT, DLC, Ceiling light, Trunk light
4415 (20 GX)PGM-Fl main relay, Fuel injection relay
45Not used
4640Power window relay
477.5BACK UP Stereo radio tuner ('96-'98 models), Audio unit ('99-'00 models), Heater control panel, PCM/ECM, TCM ('96-'98 CVT)
49Not used
5030REAR DEFROSTER, Rear window defogger relay
5120DOOR LOCK UNIT, Power door lock control unit (all except '99-'00 models with keyless), Keyless door lock control unit ('99-'00 models with keyless), Moonroof
5215HORN, STOP LT, Horn relay, Brake switch
5310Hazard warning switch
5440Security system (option)
5540Blower motor relay
5620(CONDENSER FAN) Condenser fan relay, A/C compressor clutch relay
5720COOLING FAN Radiator fan relay
6140ABS Pump Motor
6220ABS Control Unit
637.5ABS Control Unit

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