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2006 Focus Fuse Diagram

2006 Focus Fuse Diagrams

Find the 2006 Ford Focus Fuse Diagram here. The battery junction box is located in the left rear corner of the engine compartment. The Central Junction Box is located on the lower left side of the dash

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2006 Focus Fuse Diagrams for Battery Junction Box

2006 Ford focus fuse diagram battery junction box

2006 Ford focus fuse diagram battery junction box

F1.1 40 Central Junction Box (CJB), Speed control servo, ABS control module
F1.2 – not used
F1.3 – not used
F1.4 30 Air pump motor
F1.5 30 ABS control module
F1.6 50 High speed fan control relay, Engine cooling fan relay
F1.7 40 Central Junction Box (CJB)
F1.8 30 Starting System, Ignition switch
F1.9 20 Electronic Engine Controls,Heated oxygen sensors (HO2S), Engine Ignition, Fuel injectors, Digital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor, Gearshift lever unit to transmission overdrive cancel switch, Engine Cooling, Fuel pump relay
F1.10 1 Generator
F1.11 30 Subwoofer amplifier
F1.12 15 Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) switch, Fuel pump driver module
F1.13 (1)20 ABS control module
F1.14 – not used
F1.15 20 ABS control module
F1.16 10 Low beam, Left
F1.17 10 Low beam, Right
F1.18 15 Heated oxygen sensors (HO2S)
F1.19 40 Heater blower motor
F1.20 10 Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
F1.21 10 A/C clutch relay
F1.22 20 Low beam, Daytime running lamps resistor,(1) Low beam relay
F1.23 (1)15 High beam relay
F1.24 30 ABS control module
F1.25 – not used
F1.26 15 fog lamps
F1.27 15 High beams
F1.28 – not used
F1.29 10 Speed control servo, ABS control

2006 Focus Fuse Diagrams for Central Junction Box

2006 Ford focus fuse diagram central junction box

2006 Ford focus fuse diagram central junction box

F2.30 10 Main light switch
F2.31 20 Radio
F2.32 15 Generic Electronic Module (GEM)
F2.33 20 Power seats, Horn
F2.34 20 Roof opening panel unit, Luggage compartment lid release relay
F2.35 7.5 Battery saver
F2.36 7.5 Instrument cluster, Heater control module, Battery saver relay
F2.37 – not used
F2.38 – not used
F2.39 – not used
F2.40 10 Reversing lamps (auto)
F2.41 7.5 Radio, Instrument cluster
F2.42 10 Stoplamps, Brake pedal position (BPP) switch
F2.43 15 Wiper/washer, Rear, Power sliding roof
F2.44 – not used
F2.45 7.5 Heater control module
F2.46 – not used
F2.47 20 Cigar lighter, front
F2.48 10 Data Link Connector (DLC)
F2.49 25 Rear window defrost grid
F2.50 7.5 Heated mirrors
F2.51 7.5 Seat weight sensor module, Hazard flasher switch
F2.52 15 Heated seats
F2.53 10 speed control, Reversing lamps (manual)
F2.54 25 Master window adjust switch, rear windows
F2.55 25 Power Windows, front windows
F3.56 20 Wiper and Washer
F2.57 – not used
F2.58 – not used
F2.59 7.5 Headlamps, Multifunction switch
F2.60 7.5 Restraints control module
F2.61 7.5 Passive anti-theft transceiver module, Instrument cluster
F2.62 7.5 Audio Unit
F2.63 20 Generic Electronic Module (GEM)

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