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2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Firing Order

2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Firing Order

Facts about the 2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Engine Firing Order

The 4.0L SOHC engine has:

Single overhead camshafts
Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection (SFI)
Distributorless ignition system
Aluminum cylinder heads
Cast-iron, 60-degree V cylinder block
Unique engine timing configuration

2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Spark Plug Information

Spark plug type AGSF24N
Spark plug gap 0.052-0.056 in
Spark plugs torque 13  ft/lbs
Ignition coil bolts 53 IN/lbs

2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Engine Firing Order

Firing order 1-4-2-5-3-6

4.0 firing order

2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Oil Specifications

SAE 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil or fully synthetic meeting Ford Spec: WSS-M2C929-A

Fill capacity 5.0 qts with filter change

2009 Ford Explorer 4.0L Coolant Specifications

Motorcraft® Premium Gold Engine Coolant with Bittering Agent VC-7-B, CVC-7-A (Canada) meeting Ford Spec: WSS-M97B51-A1

4.0L Eng – w/o Auxiliary Climate Control 12.20QTS.
4.0L Eng – w/Auxiliary Climate Control 13.90QTS.

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