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Acura Certified pre owned vehicles — How much more they cost

An Acura certified pre owned vehicle will cost more than a non CPO vehicle

To offer Acura certified pre owned vehicles for sale, the dealer must join the Acura CPO program, pay the fees and agree to the terms of the program. Currently 269 Acura dealers participate in the program

How much more you’ll have for an Acura certified pre owned vehicle

Dealers pay a fee to Acura to issue a CPO certification for each vehicle. The fees range from $595 to as much as $3,035 per vehicle.

That means you’ll pay more for an Acura CPO vehicle.

Which vehicles are eligible for the Acura CPO program?

The Acura CPO program only applies to vehicles with less than 80,000 miles and the vehicle must be 6 model years old or newer.

What the dealer inspects?

The dealer inspect the 182 items shown in this PDF.

Acura 182 item CPO checklist

Acura 182 item CPO checklist. Click on the image to download PDF

The dealer must also have an independent third party inspection.

Acura certified pre-owned benefits

You get these materials

Owner’s Manual
New Car Warranty Manual
Certified Warranty booklet
Vehicle History Report (full history/title check report)
Copy of 182-point inspection checklist (once completed)
Radio security code
Navigation code (if applicable)
Maintenance Journal

What does the Acura CPO warranty cover and how long?

The Acura CPO limited warranty extends the powertrain coverage to 7 years/100,000 miles from original in-service date (not the date you purchase the vehicle).

• The CPO limited warranty extends the non-powertrain coverage up to 2 years/100,000 miles following expiration of new-vehicle limited warranty.

• During the CPO warranty period, you get emergency roadside assistance, trip interruption/rental vehicle expense reimbursement, and concierge service

• Complimentary 3-month SiriusXM Radio trial

• Complimentary first maintenance

• 3-day dealer return or exhange

Other CPO features:

• No deductible on repairs

• The Acura CPO warranty is transferable to a new owner with no additional fee.
NOTE: The above information is for the 2021 certified pre-owned program. Check with your dealer to see if the terms have changed before you buy

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