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Add an Auto Dimming Mirror

Auto-Dimming Mirror

An auto-dimming mirror eliminates the need to flip the lever at the bottom of your rearview mirror to eliminate glare. A traditional mirror reduces glare by changing the angle of the mirror to reflect a portion of the headliner in the mirror image.

How an auto-dimming mirror works

An auto-dimming mirror is built with a light sensor and two layers of glass that surround a layer of electrochromic gel. When the sensor detects light from vehicle headlights behind you, the circuitry sends an electric current into the gel causing it to dim. The amount of power and the level of dimming is directly proportional to the level of glare from the headlights entering the mirror.

Advantages of an auto-dimming mirror

Minimizes the headlight glare from vehicles behind you for improved nighttime driving safety

Mirror dims automatically as glare hits it

Add on auto-dimming mirror

You can replace the rearview mirror in your vehicle with an auto-dimming mirror but it will require some wiring. To hide the wiring, you’ll have to remove the A-pillar trim panel and secure the wire to the pillar without impacting the operation of the side airbag. You’ll also have to tuck the wiring behind the vehicle headliner.

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