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BMW Oil Classifications


Special long-life engine oil, approved by BMW. Also meets ACEA A3/B3, API SJ/CD. Usually required for BMWs manufactured before MY 2002. Obsolete since 2009.


Special BMW approval for full synthetic long-life oil. The product meets ACEA A3/B3 & API: SJ/CD EC-II. Usually required for BMWs built after MY 2002. Can also be used where a BMW Longlife-98 oil is recommended.


Full synthetic long-life oil with fuel economy properties. Oils meeting this specification must have a low ( High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) viscosity to meet the manufacturer’s fuel economy requirements. These oils are only suitable for the following engines: N1x, N2x, N54, N55, N63, N74.


Special BMW approval for full synthetic long-life oil. Viscosities are SAE 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30 and 5W-40. Usually required for BMWs equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). General performance: ACEA C3. Can also be used where a BMW Longlife-98 or BMW Longlife-01 oil is recommended.


Special motor oil for certain approved gasoline engines and the following diesel engines only: Nx7K1, Nx7U1, Nx7O1 from model year 2013. Not suitable for BMW Oil LONGLIFE-14engines with 2 or 3 turbos. Compatible with ACEA C2. Viscosity is SAE 0W-30.


Special motor oil for the following petrol engines only: N20, Bx8 from model year 2014. Not allowed for diesel engines. Based on ACEA A1/B1-12.

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