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BMW overheats

Diagnose and fix BMW overheats condition

If your BMW overheats when driving or idling, and the coolant temp light is red, chances are the electric water pump has failed. The newer BMW’s are known for water pump failures.

If you have scanned the trouble codes and get a BMW trouble code 337A – deactivation of water pump due to blockage, don’t think you’re off the hook for a new water pump. It isn’t really a blockage. It’s an indication that the pump impeller has come loose from the pump shaft.

How to fix the BMW water pump

To correct a BMW overheating problem you’ll need a new

New water pump fixes blockage problem in BMW

New BMW water pump

BMW water pump. Shops are reporting bad luck with aftermarket pumps, so stick with genuine BMW. Yes, the new water pump is pricey at $546.40, but you bought that problem when you decided to buy a BMW. The labor guide shows that it’s a 3.0 hr job, so labor will run about $450 (at $150/hr).

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