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C0176 Cobalt Pursuit G5 or Ion

Diagnose and fix C0176 Cobalt Pursuit G5 or Ion

GM has issued a service bulletin #07-02-32-007B to address a problem with the power steering system in the vehicles listed below. Owners may see a power steering message “PWR STR” on the driver information display or find any of the following trouble codes stored in the computer:

C0176, C0475, C0476, C0550, U2105, U2107

Vehicles affected by service bulletin #07-02-32-007B

2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

2006-2010 Chevrolet HHR

2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit (Canada Only)

2007-2009 Pontiac G5

2003-2007 Saturn ION

Check for blown fuse first

If you have no codes but the power steering doesn’ work, check the fuse. The electric steering in these vehicles is powered by a 60A fuse located in the underhood junction box. This fuse can blow if the vehicle has been jump started improperly by reversing the polarity on the jumper cables.

Diagnose codes C0176 or C0476

These codes can be set if the driver does too many full lock-to-lock turns of the steering wheel. This action causes the power steering motor to overheat and go off-line. If you’ve done this, wait for the motor to cool and reset. Then clear the codes. You should be good to go after that.

Diagnose C0550

To find the cause of this code check the motor harness connection to the power steering control module (PSCM). Remove the connector and check for loose terminals or signs of corrosion. If there are not problems, replace the steering column ONLY as this is an internal controller issue.

Diagnose C0475

For this code, check the connection between the EPS motor and the PSCM to make sure the connector is properly seated. If the connection is normal, replace ONLY the EPS motor.

Diagnose U2105 or U2107

These are communication codes and are caused by a problem with the steering column or PSCM. If the codes are listed as history codes, first clear them and then restart the vehicle. If they reappear, check for a communication issue between the BCM or ECM U2105. An electrical connector issue is usually the cause.  DO NOT replace the steering column.

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