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C0561 GM vehicles

Diagnose and fix C0561 GM vehicles

A C0561 on a GM vehicle indicates a problem with bad data from an input device to the electronic brake control module (EBCM) The EBCM receives digital data messages from the body control module (BCM), the engine control module (ECM), the instrument panel cluster (IPC) and the transmission control module (TCM). The EBCM uses this data to determine whether antilock braking (ABS), stability control or traction control is needed.

When the EBCM receives faulty data, it disables the ABS, stability control and traction control systems and sets one of the following trouble codes
The electronic brake control module (EBCM) receives serial data messages from the body control module (BCM), engine control module (ECM), instrument panel cluster (IPC), and the transmission control module (TCM) which are needed to perform antilock brake system (ABS), vehicle stability enhancement system (VSES), or traction control system (TCS) functions.
C0561 71 System Disabled Information Stored Invalid Serial Data Recieved
C0561 72 System Disabled Information Stored Alive Counter Incorrect/Not Updated
C0561 74 System Disabled Information Stored Value of Signal Protection Calculation Incorrect
C0561 75 System Disabled Information Stored Signal Above Allowable Range

GM service bulletin for C0561

GM has issued a service bulletin PIC5074B to address an issue with the traction control light on and a C0561 code stored on the vehicles listed below. GM has determined that a faulty traction control switch may be at fault. To determine if the switch is operating properly, attach a scan tool and monitor BCM operation while operating the traction control switch. If working properly, the BCM should note a traction control ON or traction control OFF as you toggle the switch. If it does not, replace the switch

Vehicles affected by service bulletin PIC5074B

2008-12 Chevrolet Malibu 2.4
2008-2009 Pontiac G6
2008-2009 Saturn Aura

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